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The Invisible Man - Paul Harrod


Detective Lockhart Sits Down With Nic From True Crime Garage To Discuss The Latest On #WTFIsPaulHarrod

Detective Lockhart (Lead Detective on the missing persons case of "Paul Harrod/The Invisible Man) recently sat down with Nic from to discuss new leads and theories as to #WTFIsPaulHarrod.  Tune In to on 5/7/19 at 7pm (eastern) to get the LATEST on the case and maybe you can help answer the question - - - > #WTFIsPaulHarrod  - T.E.

Update On Served Search Warrant:


There were multiple items recovered in the recently served search warrant pertaining to Paul Harrod's Case.  Some of the items were retrieved for possible DNA examination as well as additional known samples of "Paul's" Handwriting and photos of "Paul".  An evidence technician is closely examining all of the evidence collected, with what I hear is an impressive bag of tools, and as soon as information is available I will release what I can and when I can.  - T.E.

The Ever Vigilant Detective Lockhart

The Lead Detective assigned to "Paul's" Case is a brilliant detective who blends modern investigating with a cool ease of a 1950's Film Noir Detective, named Greg Lockhart.  His name alone, Detective Lockart, qualifies him to be a detective in a FIlm Noir Tarantino Film about "The Black Dahlia".

Det. Lockhart is traveling to Ohio on Sunday, 3.24.19, for an "Invisible Man" unrelated matter.  While there however, his daily schedule is going to allow him to do some in-person investigating on "Paul Harrod".  He plans on sharing his daily vlogs on his YouTube Channel and GlacePR/Myself are going to facilitate getting the word out about Det. Lockhart's photos/videos to insure as many people are seeing it.  Our hopes are that someone, some where, knows something about "Paul" and will see the coverage and recognize him.  

Detective Lockhart's First Vlog Video will drop tomorrow at around noon (EST).  Make sure you check his YouTube Channel around then and follow along on this blog for daily updates while Det. Lockhart is in Ohio! - T.E.

The Italian Connection

"Paul", being the ever "Invisible Man", much of the documentation that I would normally use to build a profile of an individual is unavailable.  However, I was able to read through his personnel file from his employment at St. Vincent's Hospital and based on the factual knowledge of what "Paul" has done (criminally/identity theft) and his factual past (information that is verifiable in his past) I constructed a workable profile for "Paul".  With that profile in mind, I theorized that what "Paul" was running from was something that he could not go to law enforcement about but definitely would cost him his life if he did not become "invisible".  This led me to believe there would be an "underground" or possible Mafia/Mob Tie involved in prompting "Paul" to become invisible.

This is all very important in the latest theory of "Paul's" Past and possible outcome from Nic at "True Crime Garage".  GlacePR and myself first were made aware of the "True Crime Garage" Podcast when I was profiling/investigating the "Burger Chef Murders" in November of 2018.  Originally, I was going to do a phone interview with Nic for his podcast but my schedule at that time was crazy and I did not end up getting to do the interview.  GlacePR turned Nic onto the case of "The Invisible Man" as well as connected/introduced him to the Lead Detective on the Case, Greg Lockhart.  I knew Nic would be an AMAZING match for this case because Nic and his Podcast are based in Ohio.  Since then (and in less then 2 weeks I might add) Nic has hypothesized a theory that not only corroborates "Paul's" known/factual timeline but also fits my profile of "Paul" and why he became invisible (Mafia/Mob) tie in.  I am putting his theory (which is currently being actively investigated) below in his own words so that he is communicating it as it was communicated to me.  On a personal note, a HUGE shout out to Nic and everyone at True Crime Garage!  Not only an amazing podcast but also amazing brains behind it! PS: The "Bublegum Logo Tee in their Merch Store is POPPIN (yes, I know, another personal note but a stylistic 1) - T.E.

Nic from True Crime Garage Podcast Theory:

"Joe (Little Joe D) DeRose, Jr Mobster that was “killed” in 1982 - body never found. They found his vehicle or his girlfriend’s vehicle on fire. Many years later another mobster was convicted of the murder. Joe was 32 when they found the car on fire. This would make him in his early forties - possibly 41, 42 or 43 when Paul disappeared. I don’t know the details of the conviction... if In fact they never recovered the body... did the convicted get convicted because LE needed to put him away and he just bragged and took credit for a guy that the mobsters wanted dead?

More importantly this guy looks like the pictures of Paul. Mainly the distance from top lip to nose, which is skewed by Paul’s mustache. I’ll send pictures but the mugshot picture also shows a similar hairline. There is a bend at the top left (His right) of his nose that matches up too. If this is the same guy - well this makes sense too regarding Paul’s wife. The idea being she loved him and understood he was wanted by LE and was a marked man. The bad boy and victim all at the same time. Under this scenario she’s assisting him in some form even though they likely have no interaction today. This because she considers him to be the love of her life no matter how brief. "

- Nic, True Crime Garage Podcast

My Thoughts At This Point

- It is important to note that the "Paul" we are all looking for was using the D.O.B. of the Paul Harrod he became. It is extremely likely that he was much younger then that D.O.B. This picture was taken of "Paul" in 1992. If you believe he was the the age that the birth certificate he used to get the SSN had on it, then he would be 50 in this photo. Does not look 50 to me. I would guess him closer to between 36-40 in the photo. Which would make him in his early 60s now. I also am certain he would not have used this alias of "Paul Harrod" once he left, for too long, if at all.

Whatever caused him to bounce suddenly from Sheridan, in this case, was the same thing that he was worried about catching up with him when he obtained Paul Harrod's identity (birth certificate/SSN). If it was in his psych profile to change identities to escape (fight/flight and how) whatever once, then it would be more likely that he would change identities again when he left this time. Possibly going back to his original name.

The key is really looking in "Paul's" Past more so than tracking him to where he went. I say that because though tracking him to where he is now is the obviously quicker method and probably more routine, however, nothing about the Invisible Man is routine, so apply nothing routine to him! - T.E.

No Info On The Geo Metro

- Dealership who purchased Paul's Geo Metro has no record of purchase due to a change of ownership several years ago.  It is not clear if the vehicle was recovered as a repossession (in another city and then brought to Denver) or purchased from an individual.  Though this does not put Paul necessarily in Denver, CO. after leaving Indiana, it does possibly indicate he was headed west. - T.E.

A Possible Match But Literally A Dead End

- Facial recognition software provides a possible match.  The "matching" subject was arrested in California.  However, this subject is deceased now. This means IF this was Paul Harrod, he is deceased.  (see larger size photos from this case at the bottom of this page) - T.E.

Case Background


On Friday, November 27, 1992, the day after Thanksgiving, Paul Raymond Harrod left his home near Sheridan, IN and has not been seen or heard from since that date. Harrod left a $100 bill and a note for his wife stating he “needed to get away for a while.” He left in his 1992 white Geo Metro 2-door hatchback but left no indication where he was going or when he might return.

On Friday, May 7, 1993, Harrod’s wife filed a missing person report with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

There has been little information to use as detectives try to track down Harrod’s location.  Over the years, investigators have uncovered bits and pieces including:

- The Geo Metro was sold in Denver, Colorado in 1994

-Harrod’s Social Security number was not issued to him until 1987

- The high school Harrod listed as attending has no record of a person by that name ever being there

- A Paul Raymond Harrod with the same parents’ names and date of birth was killed by a car when he was five (5) years old. The death occurred in Harrod, Ohio.

- Detectives believe Harrod may now be in his 70’s but an exact age may not be available

Investigators working the case recently received photos of Harrod.  The tuxedo photo is of Paul on his wedding day and the individual photo of Harrod was taken on Thanksgiving Day in 1992, the day prior to Harrod’s disappearance. (see larger size photos from this case at the bottom of this page)

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